Thank you for all the interest and encouragement everyone has shown… we are continuing with our web outreach, and have just finished a week of prayer and will be assimilating the inspirations which have come.

We are now just past the 6 month mark; and our website builds are going well.

We have a permanent facebook page for the fellowship – we need further likes to unlock various functions; slowly it is building and getting noticed.

we hope to use facebook as one site where we may post links to articles; music; art;

it also links to our bandpage which draws from our soundcloud site.

Through soundcloud we have joined about 50 Christian music groups.

Our twitter page grows at one to three people daily; and we will increase our tweets soon; our mentions; thanks; retweets; scripture quotes and more.

twitter, like facebook, can cope with up to about 5,000 “followers”.  After the first 200 it becomes very unweildy to maintain and track; so we have made use of several analytic programs. Our hearts are on completing the project to bring the Word of the Lord, Witness and scipture, teaching (free) encouragement and inspiration to the World.

Our Pinterest sites are earmarked for graphic development and outreach materials

The internet sadly is a place where ego is exalted… in order to build the website it has been difficult – the internet tries to glamourise the ‘friend’-ing system. Our hope is not that people follow us at all- but that they are interested in following Our Lord: to Him is all Honour and glory due. It is through humble prayer that we approach any work for The Lord.

Amazingly, our largest interest is from  California, and approx 70% of our audience is male! We have also discovered a Christian social network mostly based in USA with over 20,000 members – and are looking to outreach, fellowship and befriend our brothers and sisters globally.

Our name change from BCFHastings to BCFHastings AOG- has meant we are behind in completing the site graphics which have to be changed. And when we talk of “site graphics”; we mean the whole suite of sites connected!! The change was thought prudent as there were three other instances of BCFHastings as names which came to light later- although they were not pentecostal churches.

Our Tumblr site is earmarked for Art, graphics, sound, media… and also for interactive annotated images using a “new” use of web technology called “thinglink” which will revolutionise info-graphics, teaching, and evangelism [annotated images explaining The Cross, God’s plan for Salvation… etc] … follow our Tumblr Blog and in time you will see a fine crop of images and scripture linked together.

Our Soundcloud sites are mostly quiet and will be developed more when the lord brings more musical inspiration to bear. We would to hear of musicians who would like to share their Christian music with us; equally, we would like to hear of favourite Christian Bands Artists, musicians, Songs, hymns, and labels.

We have opened up some sites that run music in the browser, to encourage praise and worship. Please send usdetails of your favourite songs and hymns, artists etc- so that we may start to build our music libraries to the Glory of our Lord.

Please use the form above to send us details 🙂

OUR internet radio outreach includes

  • DEEZER   and
  • SPOTIFY  :-

please feel free to suggest Christian  tracks in the form above.


WE have been busy putting together webtools, bookmark sites, URL list systems, ready to collate information together to present a unified range of resources, including teaching materials.

WAYWIRE seems able to keep organise streams of videos of similar topics once our videos are produced.

  •   DIIGO  ,

are among the bookmarking and annotation sites

  • BIT.LY
  • OW.LY
  • DELICIO,US    will keep track of web addresses and feeds

we also have discovered PEARLTREES … a useful tree-diagram site which will become important for keep track of linked topics, articles and more. Also, Lino – a site which helps organise

In addition, we have started to explore


are sites which we shal lcollate information, create journals, papers, and publications from – web curation of various topics. Keep an eye open as we build !!!!.

Our journals and blogs will range from the automatic papers put together such as paper.li

to Blogger; WordPress; Tumblr; Newsvine;Disqus; Scribd  to mention some

Our video sites will divide into topic channels;

  • web-curation/marketing/webdesign/networking/social management
  • Christianity/ (generally)
  • Praise & worship
  • Art/creativity
  • Evangelism/Outreach
  • Education

….. and we have now opened education sites for free publication iof the materials we willl present [wepapers] … EdModo; and more

We have three Question and answer sites which we may become more involved in

OUR freeforums site will be the main educational spread of articles, studies, and social interaction. Please note we are NOT a formalised school and do not hand out certificates or qualifications.

Through art, incorporating bible quotes we hope to promote and encourage faith…

we have some sites ready for storing and sharing graphics (photobucket, flickr, 500px)#

and on Google+ and FlickR have connected with several Christian groups which may interest you…in time we will be contributing our skills as a fellowship in these areas.

Our slideshare site is a main one for showcasing powerpoints and also PDFs.

we also have on development some sites for graphics share and encouragement of the body of Christ as a whole…timetable for 6 months time.

If you would like to support us, please feel free top ENDORSE US on LINKED IN (follow the sidebar link);  TRUSTCLOUDKRED;          KLOUT

On linked in, feel free also to connect 🙂

also endorse us, if you like on TWTRLAND.

It goes without saying to follow and like our sites and blogs… 😉

please connect across all networks through this link;

Our websites referred to are listed

XeeMe is a fascinating network and social management tool that is perfect for the 21st century…

although all the talk of sites may overwhelm; it gives you a better picture of the total output and internet presence we are building to witness to the world, our Faith and Love for Our Lord.  It also gives an outline for all other churches and christian groups to consider using some of the similar websites and resources found through this blog.

God Bless you, and thank you.

please give feed back


About bethelchristianfellowshipuk

Bethel Christian Fellowship is a small, loving, mature Pentecostal fellowship, which is currently outreaching into the local community. web designer J Harrison pp Bethel Fellowship
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