Full Media Outreach

Welcome, to keep you uptodate with how we are progressing, here is a visual to show you just how far across the internet we have grown our site so that it can deliver all types of media:
Podcasts – for the word
Video Sites –
Graphics sites

Blogsites so that we can concentrate specific topics through various feeds/sites/areas

Audio sites like Souncloud where we joined nearly 50 groups of assorted christian genres..

following “Go ye into all the world” – we have gone into networking across the internet, building a presence ready for our fellowship to start to publish media, poetry, graphics, art, and more for inspiring faith
Full Media Outreach

Click on one of the links above.
God bless!
We will create graphic diagrams and more soon, describing the media strategy/ outreach… and we are also looking at producing our media, articles, newsletters, and videos.


About bethelchristianfellowshipuk

Bethel Christian Fellowship is a small, loving, mature Pentecostal fellowship, which is currently outreaching into the local community. web designer J Harrison pp Bethel Fellowship
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