Street pastors commisioning

We are pleased to announce that one of our congregation is becoming a street pastor.

It is a witness to The Lord, that the faith of the street pastors in praying for the streets and towns they work in, and also by them simply being a presence, founded in faith in Christ, lending an ear, supporting through prayer, or the countless other simple ways they show the Love of christ that since the beginning of the street pastors projects, crime in our town centre has dropped by 20%.

find out more about street pastors through this link: VISIT STREET PASTORS SITE


Street pastors put in more than the hours you see them on the streets: it is a vocation; there is training involved, prayer coverage given (some streetpastors pray for the safety well being and peace of all folk encountered during their rounds, while the others are on duty on the streets) and careful selection and screening of streetpastors is undertaken owing to the responsibility a streetpastor represents.

nationally, streetpastors have built goodwill throughout the communities they represent, and are supported in more than 100 towns. The scheme itself is bigger than just national.

Our prayers are with street pastors everywhere, and our praise to the Lord that he has provided these people for ministry: may the Lord bless them and those they meet, that they may feel the touch of God, the peace of Christ, and the everlasting love of our Heavenly Father as a blessing; that when they walk through the night dark streets,they walk ever in and with Jesus, whose light touches and heals lives. Amen

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