Assemblies of God Philippines appeal

Our thoughts and prayers are with our brothers and sisters in the Philippines, and all affected by the events there.

The Assemblies of God (UK)  have launched their “Typhoon Haiyan Appeal” as follows

“by now you’ve probably seen and heard the graphic reports about the overwhelming devastation caused by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. On Friday 170mph winds ravaged towns and cities. Initial estimates indicate that at least 10,000 people have died in Tacloban City alone. Other towns situated in Leyte Province like Baco are completely underwater. There are 600,000 homeless people in this area.

The numbers will escalate and the real level of loss will be revealed  with every hour that passes. Desperate families have lost their homes and all their possessions and they need our help now to survive in the aftermath of this tragedy.

Our partners in the Philippines including the AOG church leaders, are located on the ground and are able to respond. We aim to assist thousands of people in the Philippines with food, water, clothing and shelter.

Its a race against the clock! Please help provide life-saving relief to children and families affected by this disaster in the Philippines.

Here is what our missionaries plan to do with the money that we send:

1. Relief Operation Stage:
(Food/Water going on along with medical teams as needed) This is only for a short time and since government and most NGO’s are engaged in this, duplication is not necessary.

2. Rehabilitation Stage.
As urgent as #1, the need for shelter and housing would be the biggest hurdle, but the most strategic in helping the brethren. Shelters: thousand lost their homes, and impossible to retrieve the materials. They cannot stay for long in evacuation centers (which is already clogging and diseases can erupt anytime). We must help purchase housing materials. Rationale: If our church people can be helped this way, we can free them to help others in their communities. Let’s rehabilitate their churches and their homes.

3. Recovery Stage.
Let’s also help those who lost their livelihood and their savings. Farmers lost their crops and fishermen their boats. It is strategic to help them bounce back in order to be productive again. Most victims lost hope when they lose their chance to recover economically. (in Japan, they just commit suicide). A little capitalization to restart seeds, or whatever would empower our people.

In many ways the suffering of those who survived this disaster is only just beginning, so Iet’s act today and help save precious lives. Why not consider receiving a special offering this Sunday at the end of your service.

To donate finance to this cause you can give on our donate page, or call or send a cheque made out to Assemblies of God to our National Ministry Centre. ”

sourced from AOG page:

Our Fellowship has strong links with the Philippines, with missionaries currently over there.

Please pray for everyone affected and also all those giving help.


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