#PROMISESOFGOD #scripture #promises and advice from the bible.

Welcome. VerseStudywe will be going through the #promisesofGod over the next few weeks, grouped into themes. We shall refer to the KJV version, but may also refer to . We recommend using a site like BIBLEGATEWAY through which you can compare different versions of translations.

We also recommend a good free bible tool such as E-SWORD, in which you may make study notes.

If you commit to memory the verses and specific promises; you will have store of knowledge and wisdom that will serve you well and also uplift you. You may use the verses to meditate on – in quiet reflection time; after praise and worship; for personal study. put them on a post-it to help memorization; add to a corkboard or wall [ we recommend the following sites : PADLET  SPAAZE LINO.IT CORKBOARD.ME  and, also, for arranging tree diagrams and radial info webs… PEARLTREES   put on a virtual fridgemagnet wall MAGNOTO.] …which can be fun for learning.

we also recommend getting a good THESAURUS and DICTIONARY… as studying other meanings of similar words may also open up new understanding as you consider why the specific word in scripture was used.




 JOHN 3:16



16 For

                                           God so loved the world, that he gave his

                                           Only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him

                                           Should not

                                           Perish, but have









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