About Us

Bethel Christian Fellowship is a small, loving, mature Pentecostal fellowship, which is currently outreaching into the local community. Our Tuesday coffee and fellowship mornings are continually growing and are adding to our Sunday meetings. The Sunday morning meeting is devoted to worship and a time of open prayer, and the afternoon is a gospel meeting with a time of testimony and sharing. All visitors are warmly welcomed.

Our activities, events, news, and other community matters and much much more will be included in our blog. May the Lord richly bless you all.


Our History  Bethel Christian Fellowship is an established Pentecostal Assembly Of God Church which has been meeting in Hastings for over 5 decades, having previously been known under the name “Bethel Full Gospel Church” changing its name to Bethel Christian Fellowship approximately 5 years ago, under Pastor Peter Saunders.

Our Leadership Team

PastorDaveWest .PeterPhoto1

Dave West                                Peter Saunders

Our Church fellowship is lead by Pastor Dave West,together with  Peter Saunders & David Whitehead (not shown), and also comprises of elders and other members committed to the fellowship and to the love of Our Lord.


DAVE WEST, PASTOR  BCF testimony & biography


At 12 years of age, god saved me.

I had become so full of fear, that i was so scared to close my eyes in case I wouldn’t wake up again- getting to sleep was a big problem!

So, I called on the Lord to save me- a peace came into me such that the fear that i had inside left. God had heard my prayer and put into my heart a desire to please him.

However it wasn’t until I was 17 years old or more when i came into the understanding that Jesus had died on the Cross for me and that His blood had completely washed away my sin for good, and that i did not need ‘good works’ to save me: This made my love for Himso much deeper that i experienced a deeper surrender of my will to serve Him- and was baptised (“Lord, your will be done”).

After getting married, and children came… it was at a Church meeting which expressed the desperate need for a Sunday- school teacher that i found myself suddenly saying “I will do it”, and being accepted to teach the 3-5 year olds.

While worshipping at home at that time, I was baptised in the Holy Spirit, and doors opened to lead, Worship, Preach and run a house group with much greater freedom, but then God suddenly challenged me: “would i give up all this? (for Him)”…at the time, I was a partner in a 200 Acre farm, and was quite happy living the life of a farmer.

“What! no, Lord, it’s my life… I couldn’t possibly..!”… I loved the life of farming- but God kept gently saying “will you?”; and after a struggle I finally said “Lord, you win…” and I surrendered to Him. Peace flooded my being, but, no opening came straight away to leave farming…so i finally decided God was only testing me to see if I would be willing.

Over 30 years later, when our 8 children had left our care, I started to attend Bethel Christian Fellowship and sensed God calling me there.

Then, after two years there, I was asked to serve as an Elder, and, as the Church was going through a period of seeking a new Pastor as the then serving Pastor (Pastor Peter Saunders) at 80 felt the need to retire, and no candidate seemed to be satisfactory- someone suggested me…

So, at the age of 66 I became “Pastor Dave” with no theological training and only practical experience AND the Call of God, that had come to me many years earlier “NOT BY MIGHT NOR BY POWER BUT BY MY SPIRIT SAITH THE LORD”

My thanks to God and to the Church Fellowship for the last 18 months of Joy in Serving the Lord in this way.


~Pastor Dave


PeterPhoto1Pastor Peter Saunders: Biography & testimony to follow.

Link to testimony and biography (BCF/Moonfruit Site)

Peter & Delcy Saunders. ( Lead Pastor 2006-2011)
When we were pastoring in Gillingham, Kent, 1974-1984, we started sponsoring Christina an 8yr old Indian girl, through Pastor Stanley who was a student  at the International Bible Training Institute. Christina and her husband are now pastoring a Church in Hospet.  After several requests to visit Pastor Stanley’s home we went in 1983, this was the first of many over the following years (our last one being February 2008 ) Ebenezer Home has now grown from the 7 children in 1983 to approx 300 with several  outreach projects in the Chennai area of India.
Ebenezer Website.            http://www.ehso.org/

Education Assistance & Training.
This we set up in 1995  to fulfil a need to help educate children of Pastors in less affluent areas, this has helped several to obtain training, including some nurses and a Bible school teacher. In October 2000 we moved to St. Leonards and Christmas 2006, due the ill-health of Pastor Harry Shaw we began pastoring the Church.


We are currently moving to this site address as bcfhastingsaog “Bethel Christian Fellowship”. We are an “AOG” (Assemblies of God Church

Previously we were at bethelchristianfellowshipuk.wordpress.com.

We are gradually building our internet presence and outreach, and putting things up online.please bear with us, as the church (website) is built 😉

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