Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission:     to exalt the Lord our God,
To be lead by The Lord in all things, expressing and sharing the joy in Our Lord, through all and any activities, including

  • to advance Christian Faith,
  • preserve and promote wellbeing, health and education in the UK and Worldwide
  • to exalt and praise Our Lord, through all activities ,ways and means
  • to fellowship with all Christians in the body of Christ,
  • to achieve and undertake that which supports our aims, goals and mission to the guidance of our vision, eldership, and in Christ

Our Vision

Vision: (Hebrews 10:35-11:3)

  • Christ-lead confidence and faith:
  • in the establishment of the kingdom, in the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen,
  • through the action and guidance of the Holy Spirit, by the eternal all embracing love of Our Lord,
  • to achieve all things by in and through Him, that being whatsoever His will be,
  • to the encouragement exhortation and building up of the body of Christ,
  • and in offering up all to His will, to Him, the perfection-er and finisher of our Faith.


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