At bethel Christian Fellowship, our main hall/ room can seat about 50-70 people… and is fitted with an overhead projector, screen and audio, suitable for talks, sermons, teaching and much more.

Set into the floor, covered, is the baptism pool at the back of the room.

We do not currently have plans for  the hire of this room.


The back of the hall comprises of an office and kitchen, through a small stairway of 3 steps,

to the back/side 3entrance.

Toilet facilities are through the door on the left of the main entrance, down a corridor, at the end. There is a small shallow step, followed by three steep steps. It is possible to get wheelchairs down most of the corridor, but access is slightly restricted.

Access to the main worship room/ hall is direct from the pavement, with only a shallow porch, easily navigable .

We also have an activities/ room upstairs, accessed by a long stairway along the back wall.

This room is currently in refurbishment, and may be used for club activities, teaching, meetings and much more at a later date.

Any enquiries regarding hiring the facilities at Bethel Christian Fellowship, for giving talks and presentations, should be directed to our pastor, Dave West.

Enquiries for baptism should also be directed to our Pastor: we only do “dedications” in the case of minors, infants and babies, but have a full immersion, proper baptism pool for adults and those who have attained the level of understanding and reason to make the choice of being baptised.  If you have given your life to Christ and have begun to follow Him, we strongly urge that you consider being baptised if you have not already done so.

Baptism is an outward show of the inner grace .. it is through grace, by faith and not works, that we are saved. Baptism can be and for many people is, a deeply spiritual experience and expression of faith, community, and relationship with Our Lord.

Please note that if you are considering being baptised, you may also like to consider whether you are in church/fellowship.


[Download leaflet on baptism… to be updated]

Link to Baptism enquiry to be added

Link to room hire enquiry to be added

Link to speaker request to be added

Contact dave links to be added.

leaflet on baptism

leaflet on dedication


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