Activities at Bethel Christian Fellowship may vary, as we are a Holy Spirit guided fellowship: as Our Lord leads activities, outreach. community projects and welfare are undertaken.

Our usual activities include:

1397h0002                    Coffee mornings (Tuesdays 10:30am-12.00), with poetry, items of interest to share, general fellowship and healing-prayer as needed;


TinyToesLogoThursday mornings”Tiny Toes”  Parent & Toddler group (activities vary)

~Tiny Toes is a small Parent & Toddler Group for 0-5 year olds. We run every Thursday from 10am to 11:30am. Children have free play while the parents enjoy a tea/coffee made by the Pastor teaboy with a smile.
We have been running since Sept 12th (2012) and have been slowly building a small group. On average we get between 3-5 children a week at present and hope to expand more over time. We have a separate facebook page  for the parent and toddler group that currently has 30+ likes which continues to grow.

Diana, Ruth, Pastor Dave :
The Tiny Toes Team.



Bible study/ house groups; 7pm Thursdays, venue varies… see pastor for details


1208h0027 Days of Prayer and other special events.   details to be added



We are also beginning a blog presence upon the web, for those interested in contributing,
as well as seeking articles and items of interest for a newsletter approx. every two months.


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