Calendar: Editorial


Editorial….. deadlines…

2nd Tuesday of May    :    May 14th May for inclusion in June/July Edition

2nd Tuesday of July         July  9th             for inclusion in our August September Edition

2nd Tuesday of  Sep.        September 10th For inclusion in our October/ November Edition

2nd Tuesday of  Nov        November 12th    For inclusion in our  December/january Edition

2nd Tuesday of jan 2014  January 14th             For our February/ March edition.

Please contact BCF.editorial for all articles and inserts, or comments to our newsletter

E mail is “bcf.editorial”   and the email address end is “”. God bless you and thank you.

Please note we may also run special bulletins; special inserts and posters; news updates and releases as needed.


Currently under review/ consideration…

Harvest Tide update


[say no to Hallow e’en posters/ series/card]

God Bless You: You I’m Christian;

Ring My doorbell and ask about Jesus!


Christmas Special


Spring Special



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