welcome to our gallery page, where we can post some of our members artworks and craft pursuits, and photos to do with our activities and fellowship.


PeterPhoto1Peter Saunders, Pastor… and author of Peter’s poems.

davepassportphoto1Dave West, Lead Pastor, Bethel Christian Fellowship.


Pictures of streetpastors commissioning to follow soon

One of our members is guided through prayer, vision and creativity by the Holy Spirit, in making Banners. Here are two examples. Copyright.all rights reserved.

banner picture

A lamp unto my feet


banner, fountains of living water will flow…

The story of how the banners were made, is recounted in one of our newsletters: through this link here  HarvestQuarterNewsletter.



One of our members baked a birthday cake for one of our fellowship whose birthday it was… it seemed a shame to cut such a beautiful cake, which was VERY tasty! Our coffee mornings are a chance to relax, fellowship, and come together where we can share things that have inspired us, crafts and things we have made…and much more.

Bodiam castle

Bodiam castle

A picture taken by one of our members, during our trip out to Bodiam.
photos from our trip to IBTI graduation….
IBTIband …the band
GaryRucci_At_IBTI Gary Rucci, speaker


please note copy right and specific licence terms may apply

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