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The Bethel Christian Fellowship Website network is free, delivered freely to you with no charge.
We hope to inspire and encourage, to edify, and to spread the Gospel freely: “as freely as you have received, freely give”.Our website is not set up to receive donations – its purpose is to spread the Gospel freely, and to inform. Read more about it through this link

If you would like to know more about Bethel Christian Fellowship please CONTACT US via email or details on our contact page


  • International & National General Public/

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(Specific channels:  Overview, General**, Educational, Arts&poetry, Worship & praise,  Outreach & Evangelism**,  Marketing**)             **being designed

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(Specific channels:  Overview, General**, Educational, Arts&poetry, Worship & praise,  Outreach & Evangelism**,  Marketing**)             **being designed

we may also produce Google+communities for specific timezones

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~how you can support our newsletters and website:-

Bethel Christian Fellowship (Hastings)
Our editors look forward to receiving
short articles of no more than 1/2 an A4page side or 1xA5 side
tasteful jokes;
community news;
testament and witness;
Poetry (original)
Photos of arts or crafts work that members of our fellowship have created, inspired by the Lord, or expressed through the creativity our Lord has gifted them.
Please note: Photos can be given in by hand, to the office and marked for the newsletter, to be scanned in: please include an envelope for return of photographs. Alternatively, if you have access to a computer scanned by yourself and sent by e-mail


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