The internet awards the opportunity of reaching many people with the Gospel.

Nowadays, the level of electronic communication is staggering.


The outreach story: Guided through prayer:-

Through prayer and vision, the lord has placed it on hearts to outreach via the internet; to witness to the World his Glory and the redemptive Truth, Love and power of the Gospel Message that we have salvation in Christ and remission for sin through repentence, new Life, eternal Life through Christ Jesus our Lord and Saviour, by his Grace, born-again and baptised….

The internet and computers provide a wide range of media opportunities to outreach;
Therefore the following could be done;-
~ PDFS and Word documents as articles; blogged

~ Using Photobucket and FlickR to store, publicise and share posters, flyers, graphics incorporating the word of the Lord, inspirational proverbs and sayings from the Bible, and much more on pinterest, facebook TumblR and others.

~ using soundcloud to store mp3/wav/ogg recordings of sermons, teaching points, scripture studies, and much much more… in a form downloadable.

~using powerpoint to create slideshows/ for sermons and study points

~Using the microsoft movie maker to create videos, from slideshows

The internet outreach developed through prayer and through the initial request from elders and pastors to create a new website for the fellowship; and listening to the fellowship as a whole and going before the Lord in prayer, it became obvious that a simple ‘noticeboard/ billboard’ site as we had before would not serve.

It was also very clear that the internet outreach had to be washed in the word and established in prayer… Having said that we have had some amazing confirmations of the internet outreach – not least the gift of a new computer; the inspired comments of those preaching the Word; and also support from others on the internet has shown the blessing of our Lord towards this project.

Within 3 minutes of opening the twitter account an internet evangelist joined our twitter page… giving advice on the best way to share the gospel message.

As a mainly older fellowship, mostly non-computerized… we will not be very fast to update and upload things for readership, but rather take a slow steady approach, constantly going back to the Lord in prayer for each part of the ministry- and waiting upon Him.

SCRIPTURAL BASIS: The internet ministry is founded upon deep prayer, commitment to the Lord, and upon solid clear Word in scripture.

The internet outreach stemmed from Word given in prayer- the quote “My people perish for a lack of knowledge” – having just come into the fellowship, it was inspiring- the sheer joy in worship; the freedom of Praise; the clear truth of the Word spoken – these things SHONE…. and yet, there is an awareness for a lost generation – those who probably would not think of entering a church.

Truly, the generation was perishing; not only was there the fruit of wisdom from those walking for many years with the Lord gathered there- it was left untouched by a younger generation, who dont know Jesus. The Words hurt, causing almost a cramp in prayer. At the time, it was not clear what was to be done- what knowledge? How should it be shared? Who was perishing?

Here are some of the examples to inspire you, that came through prayer and vision

  • The commision to go into all the World and teach the Gospel, witnessing what Christ has done:

Every christian must be conscious of the “great commission”… however for an older fellowship not so fast on its pins, and as a webdesigner with mobility/health issues actual GOINg into the world seemed daunting… except; through the web- entire continents can be reached; one Word of scripture shared with but one person, may fall like a tinderspark that may spread. Literally… the internet is the global marketplace- just as Jesus and apostles spoke in public, so the internet is a very public forum.
By witnessing to one person you do not know how many other people that one person may speak to. Consider the samaritan woman at the well.

  • Casting Bread upon the waters

A vision came through prayer, of casting bread onto water – actually, it was of feeding some goldfish- (you may smile) but the principle holds true- by casting [sending forth/ speaking] the bread [The Word/ The staff of Life # Jesus] upon the waters [ the fluid shifting nature of digital media, the stormy tumult of the internet world] … we may gain a large harvest; along with the “be fishers of men” concept

  • Throwing the net on the otherside

Also with the vision was ‘casting the net on the otherside’ – interpreted to mean: act in faith, and seek where you have not sought before… also the “NET” became ‘internet’ the ‘string’ like a ‘WEB’…

  • Save any by all means “I have become all things to all people, that by all means I might save some” 1 Corinthians 9:22  source: online parallel bible

This passage came, as deliberation set in- should we use the internet? the world wide web is a place of darkness…. It also spoke of pitching things to be as open and inclusive to all as one could possibly be: hence the web sites and pages are within the most public domains and easily accessed by any of the age of reason; but also it spoke that ALL types of people were to have access [god is “no respecter of persons”- came as confirmation]

  • The charge to act for the edification of all

meditating on what content; it was clear a high ethical standard was required; and equally, the desire to put sermons in the public sphere, so that those who had not attended did not lose out on hearing the Word, or could catch up…manifested. ‘All scripture is good for the edification of all’

  • Creation, and all that is in it, is Our Lord’s,

Along with the awareness of the darkness of the world [remembering to keep eyes fixed on Jesus and not be conformed to the World] this scripture came through prayer. There is absolutely nothing that does not belong to Our Lord and saviour- therefore the computer, and the internet falls into His domain, as Sovereign.

  • Being IN the World, but not OF the world

In building the networking it was purposefully held back from connecting and making contacts; to allow the website to be built up first before publishing articles; and also the e-mail that was used is specifically for the website. As a result, there are few friends on the facebook page. It was necessary for the facebook page to be clearly linked to the Pastor’s account.
However, if was found that marketers and very worldly-web-aware folk were a great encouragement and help; and gave good advice on various applications to help. However, in posting on twitter, and using some of the networking tools, i9t gave the impression of purely being a networking account: therefore this scripture through prayer clarified to keep focus on the spiritual and to ‘tweet’ in bursts balancing the worldly applications with scriptures given in prayer.

  • Faith in God’s purpose: being sent like “lambs among wolves”; “be ye as cunning as serpents, as  gentle as doves”

In approaching the internet outreach- one has to have faith that this is something God wants, provided the indications, Word given, Vision, and answers in prayer have been correct… “Have Faith” was a strong message coming both from the Word being preached, and also through prayer and turning to read scripture… also it underlined the nature of the internet …and the lack of knowledge of how to go about things: being like a lamb, which was sent among wolves. On the flip[ side…wisdom was being asked for, to be as cunning as serpents – become as wise as those in the ways the internet works… but NOT be of the World- be ‘as gentle as Doves’. [ Come from Faith, Compassion, Love, Mercy and all things from the Holy Spirit; through prayer and seeking the Lord]

  • The Epistles: exhortation and encouragement

Within the epistles are many encouragements towards Faith… one of the purposes of this website was to build encouragement. ( “Lord- what do you want us to do with the website?/ internet?”…)

  • Faith by example

The whole outreach so far has been an act of Faith and prayer… but also, one of the things that struck the heart was hearing the many witness of the Lord in people’slives in the fellowship- left a feeling of… ‘if only others heard that witness!’

  • promoting The Word, that it may be Heard:

“Faith comes through hearing”… in prayer this phrase came most strongly, yet also it indicated a need to use audio – wether in podcast or video. Subsequent to that, we have had some speakers make use of the facilities wqe have, and have been able to record audio of the speakers from the World Trumpet Mission, and also sermons by other speakers. We are in the process of learning the audio mixing side of things!!

  • Exhortation to build up the body of Christ

We dont need to discuss how articles, posts, and other christian media can assist in widening and deepening the knowledge of the Lord… however, there is still the practical side that academic (“head knowledge”) is not what is needed but heart knowledge… “a heart for the Lord”, like David.

  • “My people perish for a lack of knowledge”

without knowledge, man does not know he has gone astray; without the Gospels preached, the ignorance leads to eternal death…whereas the Gospel, leads to Life.


As much as possible it was felt MOST stronngly that if this internet ministryw as to acheive anything, the Lord would provide. He did… we got the gift of a new computer; and bless the christian brother who answered our prayers. We have been able to build sites on free hosting sites that provide a suite of media coverage; from video to audio, slides and documents; storage sites and much more….
This also backs up a driving force within,a burning desire, that the Gospel should be FREE; open to ALL and not costing money. It is LIFE- and should be denied to no-one.

  • WITNESSING, by giving living examples as we grow closer to Christ Jesus our Lord, Saviour, Sovereign and King of Kings

We hope to use the blog to also witness to people about the Lord; what he has done; what that means to us- dwelling not on the past, but sharing that He does indeed free lives, redeem people, work miracles, reward faith… we have a God who is truly amazing and inspiring, a God who loves, and blesses – even in the hard times (!)

God bless you for reading this and having got this far.

* being developed*

RESOURCES: see resource page [link]


~ mobile phone apps

~ communication media; social apps; GPS tracking apps for safety

~ creating Christian Websites and resources that can be read via mobile/ internet access

Under development:- details to be added in text


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