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Here is a daily prayer by one of our members. Please feel free to use it as a basis for your own daily prayer, or to inspire you to create your own.
We will gradually post prayers, prayer topics, and other media from time to time. Topics to do with prayer will be tagged #prayer; and you may find the category and tag listed in the righthand scrollbar area.

Here is the prayer

and you may download a copy from: https://www.box.net/shared/ivncdji0dr85o4ihznmx

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Wednesday poetry…


Poetry Copyright P saunders

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Poetry…this man has done nothing wrong Copyright P Saunders/ BCF Hastings/ Bethel Christian Fellowship

we will be posting poetry on wednesdays, regularly throughout the year, with the ‘tag’#wednesdaypoetry. the poetry is mostly on christian themes but may cover life, humour, light-hearted things, as well as more serious poetry.

please feel free to re-blog/repost and share.


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Quick update

Thank you everyone for following.

Just to update on late progress…

Videos are still being prepared and produced.
We are slowly praying through what subjects and topics are to be produced for the audio sites. In fact, we have a week of prayer at the start of august, where we will be seeking the Lord’s will over the internet ministry/outreach/development to further supplement the great strides we have made already.

Our twitter page is becoming slowly more active… 1-2 new follows per day approx.
We are followed in over 34 cities… and have have had visits from
United States (US) 76
Australia (AU) 3
Germany (DE) 2
Romania (RO) 2
Philippines (PH) 2
Belgium (BE) 1
Netherlands (NL) 1
Russian Federation (RU) 1
New Zealand (NZ) 1
Ireland (IE) 1
Peru (PE) 1
Malaysia (MY) 1
France (FR) 1
Canada (CA) 1
India (IN) 1…..
also from sweden;
approx 68% of our following are male …

Thank you for your interest, and god bless you with your patience. We are a small fellowship, deeply committed to the Lord – it all takes time to develop, organise and build correctly.

We are outputting poetry from our fellowship, posting on wednesdays.
And we shall soon be scheduling tweets, to keep up to speed.
Thankfully, the social networking is growing slowly, but surely, so we are not overwhelmed by digital communications!!!

Please feel free to e-mail via the sidelinks.

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Our newsletter is out now and available through these Links:

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welcome to the newlook blog and website for Bethel Christian Fellowship.

Ezines being created shortlyEducational


Please note our sites are being developed and content prepared

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HAPPY NEW YEAR! Bible Reading Plan, day 3, week1

you can read Old Testament in the morning, New testament in the evening… or throughout the day
However suits you best; God Bless you! and may the Lord bring you closer to Him, with fresh blessings each day, this year,Amen!
Reading Plan:
FRI Jan 3
Click on links below
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