WEBGUIDE“Webguide” may seem an odd page name, yet it is intended to guide you through various techniques and means of study presented here on the internet and website, by which you may make use of the materials that we intend for free use, edification, encouragement and building up within the Body of Christ and the furtherance of deepeneng the relationship with God and deep rooted heart-knowledge of The Word.

This website aspires to show the creativity, love, reverence and daily application of christian living which Our Lord exemplified through His Word, Life, and the Witness of Him as given forth in the Gospel.

It is not intended that any of the studies, materials, or program outlines given here should become dogmatic or onerous; it is a resource given freely to share, and also a place where we as a community may share our testimony, witness, what little wisdom and experience in walking with the Lord we may have, that as we have freely received may we also freely give.

The website divides into three natural parts;

  • the first, is the blog feed dealing with church matters and any admin, notices or other matters;
  1. the second, those articles, poems, artwork, accounts, anecdotes, and other input that our congregation may feel moved to share, or acknowledge the blessings Our Lord has given;
  • and lastly, the third part… those materials made during the course of our own studies, the sermons and words that have inspired us, by many speakers or by reading, the presentations, outline documents and powerpoint slides used to illustrate talks, housegroup discussions and much more, than may inspire others to build upon, change, ponder, explore, use for their edification and the edification of others.

We ask that you attribute any material you have sourced from us.

Any material that is artwork or work of congregation members that is copyright, or not for general reuse/adaptation will be clearly marked.

Please note the materials given here as specific study helps, aides, points and discussion topics, are given free and for non-commercial use only. Schemes of works may be given as general guidelines or outlines only, within the wider body of Christian understanding.

We do not purport to be a school, nor are the materials formally organised as any particular course.We do not have any formal assessment structure for the varied materials we present, but guidelines may be given so that you may pace yourself and gauge your understanding. (It is recommended that you source a good bible college, and/or fellowship with mature, grounded, established, strong fellow Christians.)

Rather, topics will be written on or presented as throughout the year, we are moved by His Holy Spirit and guided. In the main, most materials will be modular in nature and mostly short-topics.These topics are directly from studies, thoughts, research, bible reading, housegroups, sermons, discussions and talks held by Bethel’s members: as such they are presented here for informal, relaxed study, discussion and thought.

It is hoped to present The Word simply, although there will be studies which are likely to be in depth. You may enjoy growing and exploring in The Word as we also explore.

Bethel Christian Fellowship is an AOG church: the AOG has strong links with a stirling Bible College, the IBTI [LINK HERE].

May The Lord Bless you and Keep you, and guide unto all righteousness for His sake, amen




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