Tools of an equipped Christian: fellowship.



through fellowshipping with other Christians it is possible to gain even more understanding of Our Lord. it is also important to keep scriptural and doctrinally secure while doing so, without crossing boundaries.

Fellowship has been described as “To come together as Christians and worship God, in an environment which mimics what we will be doing in Heaven” # urban dictionary, quote.

In the Merriam Webster dictionary the definition of fellowship is given as follows

A: companionship, company

2a : community of interest, activity, feeling, or experience

 b : the state of being a fellow or associate

3: a company of equals or friends : association

4: the quality or state of being comradely

5obsolete : membership, partnership

6a : the position of a fellow (as of a university)

b : the stipend of a fellow

c : a foundation for the providing of such a stipend

See fellowship defined for English-language learners »  See fellowship defined for kids »

Examples of FELLOWSHIP

  1. traditions that bind us together in fellowship
  2. <the new counselor is eager to develop a trustful fellowship with the troubled teens at the center>

First Known Use of FELLOWSHIP

before 12th century



communion, rapport, rapprochement


ill will, malevolence, venom

Related Words

accord, agreement, concord, harmony; oneness, solidarity, togetherness, unity; affinity, empathy, sympathy, understanding; amity, chumminess, companionship, friendliness, friendship; reciprocity, symbiosis “




Fellowship is important, not only within the wider social need, but also as it helps a Christian to develop, encourages the expression and maintenance of faith… but even more importantly :

For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” Mathew 18:20 NIV

where Christians fellowship together, in the name of Our Lord, He is present among us, the silent witness to all said and done; and,those Christians being in a “saved” state, born again and filled with the Holy Spirit ~ encourage each other.

Literally, by coming together to Worship, fellowship, pray and give Praise to Our Lord, the very Word of God is a strength and a health to us.

[to be added to]
Study does not mean labouring over the bible churning over great chunks of text… but rather absorbing the word gently, and at the pace God intends us to. Learning cannot be forced if it is to be effective.
Through conversation with other Christians, hearing their experiences which may be similar to your own, and how they have dealt with other situations, not only gives support, but shows how practically, the Christian faith can be walked…and we are all ongoing projects! Christ our Lord, though, sees us as finished and perfected… the state we shall one day attain with Him.
We can only access the common resource of understanding by being in the community which holds that understanding: that is to say, be active in the Christian Community, in fellowship.
Often other learning opportunities can arise: people discussion a part of scripture they are puzzling over, or have had a slight insight into… and many other ways as well that fellowship supports growth, understanding, love, and practical application of God’s Word, daily.

Another reason, for fellowship-ing is that not only is it an encouragement, yet it is also a powerful blessing whereby the Gift of the Holy Spirit, which you are given, may further encourage, teach, console you; convict you with love where you need correction… as Christ himself said, where two or more of you gather…in my name… there I am also: Christ is with us! and we may be taught by that Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit, which Christ, through going to Father, has sent among us to console and encourage. It must also be borne in mind that we are also exhorted to test the spirit of all things: the Spirit of Truth will never lead one against or ignore Scripture.


….resources: if you are not currently in fellowship anywhere consider looking for any of the following., and may Our Lord guide you to where He wants you to be:


Internet resources: :-try google search for nearest church group to you; internet Christian resources and much more

COMMUNITY RESOURCES: try your local library, citizens’ advice bureau or local council information center and see if they list any churches, fellowship groups etc.

If you haven’t any fellowship groups, why not start one? Contact a church and find out the best ways to go ahead and begin a fellowship group. The information, sermons and other resources presented for share may be used freely for Christian purposes, non commercial use.

Being in fellowship is an important part of our Christian lives… through sharing our love of The Lord, we grow stronger through mutual encouragement, expressing and validating our faith. It has often been said that a coal by itself soon cools, and the fire within..dies out. Don’t be a cold- coal!!!


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