toolkitTOOLS OF AN EQUIPPED CHRISTIAN: CREATIVE LEARNING ~ creativity and joy in knowledge of The Lord



CREATIVE LEARNING is a term given to a more free form, creative and involved style of learning; some people learn by doing – for example people who listen to audio while exercising, jogging or moving;

some, by rhyme… so it is possible to choose a bible topic and write a few lines of verse to remember the main points;

Some, by colouring, hi-lighting, doodling; drawing…

It is up to you and the creativity Our Creator has given you to find what style of creative learning is both enjoyable and effective for you.


Draw a scene from Joseph, with the coat of many colours….

Recite a verse from the psalms, picturing it clearly in your mind;

Speak/ recite a verse of psalms, listening for the rhythm, and tone of language… how does it make you feel?

[link to be added to creative learning resource]


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