TOOLS OF AN EQUIPPED CHRISTIAN.   ~discussion, comprehension, reading the Word

toolkitYou may wish to discuss a passage you have read, with friends, other students, members of your fellowship or house group. The following questions are just examples of questions and suggestions to inspire you to think of how to use, expand and present different aspects from scripture ~ it is not an exhaustive list. It may however, serve as a starting point to look deeper into the passages or Word you have heard or read.

What topics and themes,  are there in what you have read, listened to, or watched?

Where else are there similar themes in the bible?In the New Testament? In the Epistles?   #Tip:   You may find a concordance, a “study bible”, or a commentary useful as a resource.

What is your understanding of the topic? Is any of it difficult to comprehend?

What does it show you- relevant about life NOW, …even though it may refer to ancient times?[#consider how you may apply it to your life and situation]

What does Jesus say on the matter? Is there a parallel in the Old Testament or New testament? [You may find a “Red Letter Bible” useful- a bible that underlines words attributed to Jesus by highlighting them in red printers ink]

What book[of the bible] is it[the passage/scripture you have read] taken from?

Is there more than one view possible?

Where else does scripture reveal the same/ similar phrases. #Use a concordance.

# keep to the original topic; do not get sidelined or off track.

There are different ways of organising a discussion meeting, or even a discussion topic online.

You may suggest people read a topic beforehand, and prepare; then give them questions to consider and reply to… or ask a simple open question to start people discussing [“what did you get from this passage? What do you notice/what stands out? What is being said here?]… or you may choose to read the whole passage/text together, or divided in turns per verse/chunk of text…The choice is down to you and however a discussion group or “forum thread”[in the case of online discussions] is run.

Do not be discouraged if some parts of the bible are not easy to understand. Pray to Our Lord that the Spirit of Truth, The Holy Spirit will teach you as promised; Pray that the Lord will grant you Revelation of His Word; that you may be guided to better understanding; that you may encounter those who will be able to deepen your understanding.  Be cautious to hold out for God to reveal His truth, and to be open to receive it.

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