toolkit Embracing Joy”   yes you heard it correct the first time!

“The Joy of The Lord is my strength” …. The heartfelt release given in Praising and worshiping and thanksgiving to the Lord is a powerful blessing which helps strengthen us as Christians.

If you are not Joyful in your worship; if your heart is heavy: Cry out to the Lord Our God to bring you the freedom to fully joyfully praise Him!! Even in hard times, one can find Joy that our Father in Heaven loves us, is with us, and will see us safe to Him no matter how dark the world may seem.   We may have sadness over situations, but we can have Joy in Hope that we can truly know is not in vain.

The abundance, beauty, the blessing that the Lord has given by creating this world for us to experience; the care that went into each atom, each blossom, each drop of rain; into making the minerals from which out if the dust our bodies are made; all speaks of a Love if we but take a moment to consider.

However, we are taught not to be in love with the World, but rather to Seek our Lord; He desire that we praise him in Spirit and In Truth: for the Lord our God is Spirit: to have our minds conformed not to the World and what we see, but to set our sights on running the spiritual race: to dwell on Him.

No matter how grim things may seem; things could be grimmer.Look for all those things for which you may praise the Lord; look for all those moments of Joy; laughter; happiness…moments of respite between cares; ease given sometimes in sleep. Find Joy.

Express Joy! Let your spirit, your very being pray, praise, raise a joyful noise.

Pray: pray the Lord may increase your capacity to have Joy in Him and to express that Joy; to cleanse any part of your heart that is not for Him, to fill you to the brim in Joy of Him…

Seek the Lord’s heart, and seek to please him out of Love for Him: embrace the Joy that he yearns for you to express….. and you will begin to find a strength you never knew you could possess.

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