1758h0091Tools of an equipped Christian: study group

toolkitGROUP STUDIES can be rewarding and fun; especially as with more people studying together  the same topic there is a greater pool of viewpoints, comprehension, understanding and ability from which one can draw, be inspired and encouraged. The learning opportunities are often greater in a group than by self study.

There is not space enough to suggest all the different types of organising group-studies; source teachers’ resources from “.edu” sites for ideas…  However, by far the most common way that Christians learn together is by House Groups, or attending churches, assemblies and meetings where the Word is read out, and also discussed.

It is hope that some reading this page may be inspired to run House Groups, small study groups, reading groups…

First, Seek The Lord… pray… Be still. Listen. WAIT.

Pray some more…and wait further.

See if the Lord keeps the desire to run a group in your heart; observe, and study if that desire is a true desire that comes from The Lord, or one which comes of a desire to rule/ to show off/to ‘be a leader’.  True servants are humble, desirous of everyone’s good, and put themselves last…

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