#how to use this site

GUIDE TO USING BCF Hastings websites

This site has three functions;

  • to present Bethel fellowship and provide information to its members;
  • to present material for thought, discussion, and edification;
  • to present a visible and tangible presence of The Gospel and Word, in outreach to the World.

The websites we maintain have a minimum age of 13 years +. Material included on our site should be rated as suitable for that age group as a minimum standard.

Where The Gospel is proclaimed, we seek to exercise the right to express our beliefs, in consideration for all. Accordingly, though fervent in belief, we recognize that the Lord chooses whom he calls and when; all we may do is present His truth in the Hope of Him,

as he charged us to do.

Accordingly we do not support proselytizing/ aggressive discipleship.

We also recognise that many who are inquiring about Jesus, or beliefs, or wanting to know more, may use our sites: we actively welcome any seeking to know Jesus, wanting God in their life.  …we have included a Glossary page that we are currently building as an ongoing project to aid understanding and accessibility.

As a Christian site, within the World, unfortunately there may be encountered elements of heckling or other non-user friendly behaviour. We expect all who use our sites to maintain reasonable behaviour, politeness and consideration to towards all others: those who appear to misuse the freedom of the sites or break the terms of use of the sites may expect to be cautioned, banned or reported to the site providers. All users are requested to adhere to all terms of use and service of the sites upon which Bethel Fellowship is digitally hosted.

Please acquaint yourself with how to use the internet wisely and safely. Your internet providers can give you information on this, as can various web searches.

You are encouraged to build fellowship within your local community and sources in your own environment/ country. A simple web search for prayer provision will provide you with access to many different prayer groups world-wide who fulfill a prayer ministry function: you should not need to be requesting prayer from any user or member of our sites. Our internet outreach is prayed for generally as is any outreach project undertaken within the church and body of Christ.

We may seek to present articles from differing points of view, or which may be doctrinally different from some sectors of the Body of Christ. Where anything may be doctrinally uncertain, or a ‘best reading’ /’best understanding’ is postulated, we shall endeavor to clarify. Please refrain from extremely assertive discussion or argument where possible, and maintain the unity in fellowship and respect.

[details to be added]


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