#How to understand our filing system


You will find that we will “TAG” [link to glossary term] the media with a

  • #000 000 6 digit serial number;
  • we will also give it a FORMAT CODE (to identify what type of media it is);
  • we will give it a ITEM code (what type of thing is it),
  • we will give it a TOPIC code  with a KEYWORD or PHRASE     *and* a serial number for the TOPIC
  • we will give it a CATEGORY (similar to our blog category)
  • A MEDIA code (what type of media – document, video, audio etc)
  • we will give it a DESCRIPTION (what it is about)
  • we will give it a RATING (how difficult it may be on an avg scale of 0 to 5)
  • we will give it an AUDIENCE description (who it may be aimed at or suitable for)
  • individual items may also include description or LINKs to where it is stored
  • ASSOCIATED media (other media similar)
  • where it has been posted or an article written/ media produced  SHORTLINKS may be given (abbreviated links through a link shoretening service site)
  • where it may be LINKED to a FORUM CATEGORY or POST will also be included.

….. this might seem a little detailed, but good filing helps accessibility of information.


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