toolkitTools of an equipped Christian:


The mediation spoken of, is not the new-age description of ‘meditation’.

Scripture meditation can be active, focused, really remembering, searching out meaning… not in a ‘study-way’ but rather in an absorption of the Word, and one’s being, mind, attention on the Word.

You may also ‘meditate’ in a sense of pondering, thinking, examining, rolling scripture over in your mind, like a plough turns a furrow…

You may read just a verse, and bring your mind back to that verse…

Or else, read worship songs, psalms,… fill yourself with joy and praise to the Lord… and at the same time, keep your mind, your thoughts open to the Lord. Cover yourself though with prayer before and after meditating…

let your mornings and your evenings dwell on Him that created you.

meditations can be structured or unstructured.

These are just simple suggestions.   more to follow


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