Tools of an equipped Christian: Praise & Worship

The most fundamental tools that we have as Christians, is Praise and Worship. Our Lord is said to ‘inhabit the praise of his people’… Don’t you want God to come to dinner? (“Lo! I stand at the door and knock, and if any answer…i will go in and sup with him…” paraphrased) …This is not a flippant remark; but rather a point: don’t you want a fuller deeper relationship with God? Well, Take a good look at your prayer, praise and well as your life,and ask what you need to do to listen deeper to God’s voice in your life.

If you are just beginning to know Jesus, then approaching him in worship, and praise helps to build a strong foundation… when you first come to Him you may not be fully aware of what He has done for you, or how at times, he has always been there waiting for You to come to Him. Often in times of praise and worship, people feel the touch of Our Lord; sometimes…answers to prayer may spring to mind. If you are stuck in your life, If things have staled in your worship… look at beginning to re-awaken Praise to our Lord: read the psalms… and consider what David went through, at different times in his Life.

Astoundingly, considering some of the wrong things David did…God did not lay him aside and through the lineage of David came our Messiah.

In the Old Testament, the musicians and worshippers would go ahead of any march or column; were at the forefront to give voice and praise to the majesty, mercy and awesomeness of our Lord Almighty.  Not only were the walls of Jericho broken by song and trumpet blasts  but through active worship, and obedience to God;

go Still…be quiet, open yourself to God…and let yourself praise him, even in silence, through your spirit. If you are moved to sing a psalm or song, or merely to read one, and to hold the Lord Our God in reverence… do so. Discover the bond-breaking power of Praise and Worship, that sets to flight all the wiles of him who is in the World: yet Greater is He that is within You : Christ enthroned in your Heart!!!


JOIN us in WORSHIP & PRAISE through listening to our SOUNDCLOUD site;

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If you are a Christian worship group, band, choir or other musically talented person(s) and would like to build/promote your own songs across the internet for the work and glory of Our Lord; we recommend using your own original music and words, and public domain music.

We cannot go into all the ins and outs of what you need or web design; however we have a PDF of resources which may be downloaded HERE [LINKS to be inserted]

Music Website Resources Pack [to be created]

Recording resources pack [to be created]

Free Graphics Pack [to be created]

At time of press the resources listed are free- within certain limits.

We disclaim any liability in regard of third party sites, and any contractual liability you accept is at your own risk.


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