About Learning Resources




At bethel Christian Fellowship, we have collated, organized and built a number of learning resources in an ongoing project.


The Learning resources, simply put, are

  • educational channels, useful websites,
  • e-Teaching sites, archiving, fileshare, scheduling and information collation sites,
  • Digital classrooms, bookshelves, article libraries, question-sites and public forums.

The Learning Resources have been sourced so that we may have an online educational outreach with complete functionality for across-the-web tuition,Should the fellowship decide to teach formally in e-classroom/ digital classroom settings.

It also provides a framework and template that other web enabled churches may consider. [***how to set-up PDF to be created/ LINK***   to be created SEPT 2014]


Generally , our focus is to build a knowledge resource and learning base which may strengthen the body of Christ, encourage Faith, and provide content which may be followed by the self-directed individual learner.


Built through faith

About the project;

The Project is a work of Faith, that we will in time be able to offer an anoline resource, free, on free sites, as well as providing an internet presence for our church, which is a small fellowship of [currently , May 2014] approx 20 members with meetings of on avg ranging 12-24 people in attendance.

following the Word of God;

During the time of building the internet blog, several of our speakers were moved – within separate sermons, separate days, to speak out in faith and encourage the full use of the internet as a tool to reach the unreached.

There was also a fair amount of scripture through prayer, revelation and seeking the Lord’s Will, that suggested going into internet outreach. [see the outreach pages]


milestones on the way


Why we set up the resource.

We have begun to set the resource up, because many are suffering a ‘spiritual draught’…a lack of ‘living water’…not just basic knowledge of God, but prayer, and how to have a relationship with God are needed. To put simply, the web admin was given “My people perish for a lack of knowledge”…and much prayerwork, discussion, and piecing together general threads from other prayertimes… it became obvious- people perish because they aren’t hearing about God, and they don’t know Him… the only way would be to put the fruit of the Store of wisdom and knowledge of God which the eldership and more mature members of the fellowship have into forms accessible by all… and by putting educational media where it could be distributed and found, freely.

 Are we an online college?


 About Learner-driven interaction

We hope to post online articles and media, with an ear to online needs as well as balanced with the needs of the Fellowship. We are all one Body in Christ Jesus.