Welcome to our holding page: if you have clicked on a link and been directed here, it is because the link you requested is currently being edited with information. We apologise for the disappointment.

If you were redirected via our Xeeme profile, we are also updating our lino.it, NETVIBES and Trello pages heading each section of our Xeeme profile.  These sections on Lino.it, Trello and WordPress are explanatory, for the use of our team, and for general information, as we are building a large learning resource from scratch; accordingly as various profiles, sites, resources and links differ in use some guidance is necessary.

You may however browse our blog here. It is under editing and review and soon to be re-organised, with cleaner button-links and feeds down the right hand margin.

Thank you for your patience.

Once our project is complete, we may also encourage other churches and fellowships towards building their own online learning resources and web presence.

God bless you.

OUR NETVIBES tabs are publicly accessible, and will provide quick links across all of our sites for our members, browsers and interested public.

In addition, the links will assist our editing staff in being able to update several of our wider sites, profiles and sites where we maintain a presence in the web community.

It is being used for its Graphic-User-Interface potential.

LINO.IT provides free “corkboarding”: we intend to post up / post-it links, useful material, explanatory blogs, files and other digital media of christian interest and use, including links to PDF guides or other documents we may publish.

TRELLO provides project card based indexing, which may present information in a more logical or list based way.

PEARLTREES is a site which lends itself to tree diagrams; we shall be keeping tree diagrams of digital links, resources, articles, exercises and more.

OUR Book marking, URL-Listing sites and time line sites will also be providing other information curation resourcing.