Welcome to bethel christian fellowship’s portal page within our blog.

we also maintain a portal hub on netvibes under construction.

Hyperlinks to be activated.

Our official facebook page:

BCFhastingsFACEBOOKOur official facebook page, is managed by our web admin. please come and ‘like’. The graphic here will directly link to our facebook main page.

Our official twitter page:


our twitter page outreaches to several different countries, and is a main stream for our information and activities as well as networking, building social community and web presence.      Come along and ‘follow us’…we follow back!


Our YOUTUBE page


Hosts our videos and short introductory snips/ information ‘snacks’… come along: ‘taste and see that the Lord is Good’

we also host video on vimeo; through this portal:-

BCFhastingsvimeo Our vimeo site



BCFhastingsSLIDESHAREwe hope to inspire and encourage christian life, endeavour, understanding and facilitate people’s journey closer and deeper to Our Lord and Saviour.


our pinterest site(s)


Our main pinterest site has spiritual quotes, free graphics, bible texts and much more. We are also designing a ‘prayer board’ where prayers can be shared and pinned.

Prayer board to follow in 1 month.


Our My Space Page

BCFhastingsMYSPACEOur My Space page is a place where we can share christian music, our soundcloud site, and much more.



Our tumblr blog hosts audio from our soundcloud site, graphics, posts and tweets

and much more.


Our sound cloud sites:

BCFhastingsSOUNDCLOUDOur music files, from members of our church fellowship, friends and family in Christ Jesus

Our Podcast site:


we hope shortly to begin posting podcasts/ audio on a variety of subjects.



our podbean site is scheduled to be developed later in a couple of months.


Our Graphics Pages, folders, sets and galleries


we maintain a folder on photobucket

and also we maintain a folder on FlickR



Our about.Me page for the fellowship



BCFhastingsLINKEDINour webdesigner’s profile on linked in


we will also be opening a forum:

BCFhastingsFORUMForum scheduled for 2 months time

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